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Spiritual Mentorship

One on One Sessions 

Discover your own spiritual, medium, and psychic abilities. 


Meet one on one with Spiritual Medium, Cheryl Bradley and work through a series of exercises and teachings that will help you learn how to harness and expand your own natural abilities. Learn how to communicate with Spirit, intensify your intuition, and work with the energies that surround us daily. 


One on One Sessions

Opening Session

Meditation/Clearing/Cleaning Chakras.

  • ​Do you want to meditate but don’t know how to begin?  Do you know that everyone has their own way to travel into meditation?  I can help you uncover yours.

Setting Intent/Rid Negative

  • ​Have you ever truly set an intent?   Do you know that is a beautiful way to move into a lighter existence?   Don’t you want to rid negative energy in your life? Let’s walk it together.

How to Find Peace.

  • ​What truly is peace?  Can I tell you it is the key to happiness?   Do you know the key to peace?  It is different for everyone, let’s talk.

Investigating your strongest psychic ability.

  • ​Did you know that you can tap into a higher power?   Knowing this power is an important first step.  I can channel that knowledge for you and explain it to you..

Cloud with Silver Lining

One on One Sesssion

Awakening Session (Intermediate)

Tools Kit (physical and spiritual) Do you feel spirit but want proof?

  • ​Do you know that there are strategies and tools to validate this universal communication? Using your higher psychic ability you gained from the Opening Session we can explore what tool works best for you!

Aura controls

  • ​Did you know that some auras are close like a second skin and some extend many yards away from your body?    How and why does this happen?  I can teach you about aura and how and why you NEED to be conscious of it.

Building a spiritual meeting place.

  • ​Do you want a spiritual place to meet your guides and loved ones?  Do you crave experience using the strongest psychic abilities that you learned in the Opening Session?   Let me help you to build a meeting place that is tailored to your psychic ability and visit it during meditation. 

Angel statue

One on One Sessions

Enlightened Session (Advanced)

How to ask and gain spiritual answers.  How to Validate.

  • ​Ego gets involved so often with life decisions and questions.   I can show you how to ask spirit using the tools you gained in the Awakening Session.   

Meeting your spirit guide, loved ones.

  • ​Do you want to use the skills from the Awakening session and move to your meeting place during meditation?    If you build a meeting place, the spirit will come! 

Investigating past lifetimes

  • ​Did you know that you are a collection of your past lives?  Past lives are a part of our cell memory and we feel these impressions in this lifetime.  Did you all of a sudden become afraid of fire or drowning or abandonment?   This may be from a past life, let’s uncover your truth and rid that fear in this lifetime.


Opening Channels for spirit to communicate.

  • ​Do you know that we all the ability to talk with spirit?    You can bring in all your psychic abilities and skills from both Opening and Awakening Sessions   This lighted knowledge that has been uncovered can continue to strengthen and you will attain a greater level of peace.  I can teach you how to move forward and keep your channels open for guidance, light, and happiness.


Book Your session

Discover and nurture your natural spiritual abilities.

Single Session:


1 hr 30 min

$180 per session

Three Session Bundle:


Secure three 1 hr 30 min session 

$500 bundled deal

Sessions are in person at 336 Merrimack Street, Methuen, or Virtual through Zoom Meeting. 

Please email me to schedule your private spiritual mentor sessions. 

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