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Messages from Loved Ones

Arrive with them in your heart and mind.

Spirits of loved ones that have moved Home never leave us and very often want a lighted spirit to channel their messages through.


Although no medium can guarantee or make a spirit enter into a reading, it happens very often in my sessions.   


My spiritual work allows you to validate your questions and receive your pearl(s) from those lovingly watching from the Other Side. 


Often validating their love while never relaying messages of resentment or guilt.  Spirits that have moved Home only want your happiness. They are now full of light contrary to some personality traits that existed while in human form.    

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Message from loved ons

Past Lives

Pearls of wisdom from your past.

Do you ever have memories of another time?  Or feel drawn to another part of the country or world?  

Do you wonder how many lifetimes you have walked on Earth?  


Our higher self knows all these answers and if you are having those human thoughts, your spirit is seeking out that pearl of knowledge.

The universe channels this information to you through me.


Write down your questions and bring them to a session with an open heart, spirit never disappoints. 

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Past Lives

Spirit Guides

Do you know or want to know your Spirit Guide? 

We have many spirits that guide us from the Other Side, but we have one very special guide. 


This unique Spirit Guide was especially chosen for you or by you to walk every step from inception to your return back Home.  


This Spirit often works as your “nudges” to help you make the choices that will lead to peace and happiness.   They are often the reason many of my clients book sessions with me…. "I felt drawn to visit with you”.  


They are always very eager to connect with you. Trust that this union will bless your path to a higher, lighter level with many opportunities to seek out your truths, your pearls of knowledge.  

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Spirit Guides

Spirit Cards

A guided conversation with the universe. 

What's a spirit card reading? 


It's a unique way of using Tarot Cards to receive a message from spirit. 


The way it works is you let me know your intention for the reading. 


It could be something you'd like guidance on like:


1.  What is going on with my love life?

2.  Guidance on your job/career 

3.  Questions about your health

4.  Am I walking the path that I have intended?

5.  What does my spirit need right now?

6.  How can I heal from ___________?

7.  Can I have some lighted guidance on my sadness or depression?

8. Open to spirit option...spirit is limitless with vision and guidance for you.

9. Edit one of questions above or choose your own question!!

10. Gift a card to a loved one!! (see below)

Your Spirit Card is only 3-clicks away


For you or a gift?

When booking please include your Name and Email.

If it is a gift also include this information when requested. Whether the spirit card is for you or someone special I will welcome spirit to channel personally to the recipient.


The Spirit card will be delivered via email between 7:00 pm -7:30 pm on the date you booked.

Spirit Cards
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